Why ‘Clue’ is the best Christopher Lloyd comedy of 1985

Set your time machine back to 1985, where we're jumping into an action-packed Christopher Lloyd comedy about adventures in the 1950s. It's called “Clue.” And it's perfect.

“Clue,” based on the Parker Brothers board game, wasn't a hit. In fact, it's taken decades to catch on as a cult favorite. But a devoted army of amateur gumshoes have idolized and memorized “Clue,” turning the silly and feminist whodunit into a rad comedy for the ages. Though it has three separate endings (which provide different solutions to the mystery at hand), “Clue” is an endlessly energetic celebration of silliness and murder. Now that we've been watching this homicidal romp for 30 years, let's celebrate 30 reasons why it's where many of us park our nostalgia-powered DeLoreans.