Why is Doctor Strange torturing Captain America in this ‘Original Sin’ teaser?

(CBR) Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato's “Original Sin” is headed to stands in May, and Marvel has released a new promotional image in anticipation of the event's debut. Illustrated by Frank Cho the image features Doctor Strange casting a spell on an agonized Captain America. Standing in the background are members of the Illuminati: Black Bolt, Reed Richards, Namor, Beast, Black Panther and Iron Man. Accompanying the image is a quote from Psalms 120:2 — “Save me, o Lord, from lying lips and deceitful tongues,” reinforcing the concept at the top of the image: that everyone has some kind of original sin.

“It's not that the stakes are any less significant in 'Original Sin,' but the aim of the bullseye is much more personal,” Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said during a recent Axel-in-Charge. “We've been saying all along: 'It's a murder mystery.' But it's a Marvel Universe murder mystery. The victim is The Watcher, which immediately puts you on a very different scale than the average stiff at the corner crime lab. It will play itself out through time, space, dimensions — all the kinds of things that you would think of in a Marvel event. But the stakes as it relates to our heroes and villains and bystanders are much more emotional and much more internal than they are external, for the first time in a good long while.”

Check out Cho's teaser below.