Why ‘Men in Black 4’ should be called ‘Men and Women in Black 4’

“Men in Black” has always been a boys club, as the title suggests, but the film's producer promises the next film will feature a woman in a leading role. 

Vulture is reporting that “Men in Black” producer Laurie Macdonald has plans to introduce a female lead into the forth installment of the franchise. While the film is still in early development, Macdonald said the new film will start to shift the focus off of Agent J and Agent K's story line, to a new, possibly female agent. 

I'm surprised the studio didn't just reboot the “Men in Black” universe with all women and call it “Women in Black”. It would have been a very on trend move, in light of both the new female-led “Ghostbusters” and “Oceans 11” films. 

With this news, and the fact that “Men in Black” now shares a universe with the “21 Jumpstreet” franchise, the future of the series could be very interesting indeed. No word yet if Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones will be reprising their roles in the film. 

“Men in Black 3” was released on May 25, 2012, and grossed $624,026,776 worldwide.