Here’s the trailer for the horror movie remake that nobody asked for

Hey, did you like 2002's Cabin Fever? Good, because they remade it with the exact same premise and very similar-looking actors! Indeed, everything you enjoyed about the original appears to be intact: beautiful women in bathtubs; beautiful women in bathtubs, screaming; people jumping into lakes; flesh-eating viruses; fratty-looking guys joking about “relentlessly pound[ing]” their girlfriends, etc. And it comes with at least one ringing endorsement: original director Eli Roth, who claims he was “blown away” by it! (He's also an executive producer on the remake, which was directed by Travis Zariwny.)

Here's the thing: while I'm not categorically against remakes, I am categorically against remakes that do nothing new with the original material. And since Cabin Fever 2016 appears to be essentially the exact same movie as Cabin Fever 2002…well, what's the incentive to shell out money for it? You could argue it's for a “new generation of fans” unfamiliar with the original movie; then again, the original is only 13 years old and readily available to watch online. I suppose an argument could also be put forth that the makers are trying to somehow improve upon the original movie, but the original Cabin Fever — while certainly flawed — isn't exactly a stinker either. As for any possible monetary value to be gained from the venture, it's worth noting that while the original film was a popular cult success, we're not talking about A Nightmare on Elm Street (or even Saw) here.

I guess I'm just not getting it? 

Cabin Fever 2016 releases in limited theaters and on Digital HD February 12.

(via JoBlo)