Will Archie fans recognize ‘Riverdale’ when it comes to The CW?

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If you”ve followed me for a while, you know Archie Comics are kind of my thing. They hit the gooey center of my nostalgia-oblongata. So when I found out over a year ago that The CW had optioned the universe for a television show, I was pretty excited. I still am.

But things have gotten…weird? Riverdale is being touted as Dawson”s Creek meets Twin Peaks, which is one heck of a pitch. The show looks to be set in a fairly traditional version of the Archie-verse, including Pop”s Chock”Lit Shoppe (along with an olde-timey car). Additionally, Archie Andrews is still the son of a blue-collar family. But then there are the changes. Some are good, like diversifying the cast with Ashleigh Murray as Josie McCoy and Ross Butler as Reggie Mantle. And some of them are confusing, like having Archie ending a torrid affair with his teacher.

In the video above, HitFix Harpy's Donna Dickens and Jill Pantozzi weigh the pros and cons of everything we know so far about the Archie spin-off show, Riverdale.