Will Matthew McConaughey star in ‘The Stand’?

(CBR) Warner Bros. and director Josh Boone (“The Fault in Our Stars”) want Matthew McConaughey to go dark in “The Stand.”

Deadline reports the star of “True Detective” and “Dallas Buyer”s Club” is up for the role of Randall Flagg in the adaptation of Stephen King”s 1978 novel. Flagg, aka “the Dark Man,” is the embodiment of evil in “The Stand” who attracts followers to post-apocalyptic Las Vegas, where he rules his emerging empire with an iron fist.

After a series of creative changes, Boone signed on, cast “The Fault in Our Stars” star Nat Wolff and announced the film have a three-hour run time and an R rating.

Boone also promised, “an amazing A-list cast across the board,” he said. “Every single one of those characters will be somebody you recognize and somebody you relate to. And it”s gonna be awesome.” McConaughey would certainly fit in that category.