Wilson Phillips hold on to their own reality show

Wilson Phillips switch from “Bridesmaids” to being the bride as the trio will now star in their own reality show, “The Wilson Phillips Project,” starting later this year.

The TV Guide Network will chronicle the “Hold On”  singers as they attempt a comeback following their early ’90s heyday (What? Wendy Wilson and her family appearing on “Supernanny” didn”t count?). It sounds like the show will also focus on their juggling  careers and mommyhood: between them they have nine children. Maybe they can provide us with a scoop on “Bridesmaids 2” following their appearance in the first film.

Carnie Wilson has been the most visible in recent years, including serving as host of GSN”s reconstituted “The Newlywed Game” and as a judge on ABC”s “Karaoke Battle USA.” Chynna Phillips is a contestant on this season”s “Dancing With the Stars” on ABC.

As someone who has interviewed them over the years, I am sure that Carnie will be the one bringing the laughs and the bulk of the drama, with Wendy and Chynna providing the voices of reason. As we say in the south, Carnie is wide open, and that can make for great TV.