Monday’s Must-see Winter Olympic events: Will the U.S. make ice skating history?

Right now, the USA and Russia are neck-and-neck in the medal count (though we have a lot more bronzes than they do). But you know what’s really cool? Bob Costas is coming back today! Hopefully with two eyes! And Bode Miller, the oldest alpine skier at Sochi, got a bronze in Super G and he’s not done yet. Even if Christin Cooper keeps trying to make him cry about his brother and stuff. 

2:00 p.m. ET – NBCSN – Hockey

Hey, women’s hockey! The US has long been dominant in this category, and while we’re probably looking at a US versus Canada finale, we’re not there yet. So go ahead, watch the USA in the semifinal match with Sweden. 

3:00 p.m. ET – NBC – Freestyle skiing, biathlon

If you like watching people crash attempting aerial freestyle skiing, this is the one for you! Even defending champion, Belarusian Alexei Grishin, couldn’t deliver a clean jump in the qualifying rounds. Check out the women’s biathlon 12.5km mass start, as the men’s biathlon was delayed due to foggy conditions. It turns out shooting stuff in dense fog is not a great idea. 

8:00 p.m. ET – NBC  – Freestyle skiing, figure skating, bobsled

If you care about figure skating, you will not want to miss the ice dancing free dance. The good news is that Meryl Davis and Charlie White took a commanding lead in the short dance (and nabbed a world record score). The bad news is that two-time Olympic medalist Petri Kokko (who created a move called the Finnstep) thinks the Americans sucked and the Canadians were robbed. Controversy! 

And hey, guess who’s back in bobsled? Jamaica! It’s the first time we’ve seen Jamaican bobsledders at the Olympics since 2002, and to celebrate, they’ve posted a music video. Yeah, a music video. Who else does that? They aren’t expected to win, but we think we see “Cool Runnings 2: Electric Boogaloo” in the future!