Honest Trailers takes on Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock, obviously

Honest Trailers capitalizes on Benedict Cumberbatch's debut as Doctor Strange this weekend by going all in on BBC's Sherlock.

Yes, everyone is talking about Marvel's Doctor Strange this week so it's perfect timing to talk Sherlock. The Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman-starring series from Steven Moffat may run on a dreadfully extended schedule but fans are eager for each season all the same.

A new three-part series was being filmed over the summer and Moffat is still wondering whether it will be the last. But mostly because of Cumberbatch's rising star. So, what can we expect from the new season? Well…probably the same kind of stuff we get every season. Obviously. I'll let Honest Trailers take it from here.

Shockingly, the video doesn't delve too much into Sherlock fandom but perhaps they were too scared?

Toby Jones will be joining the cast this time around as a villain and the BBC recently announced the premiere date as New Year's Day 2017.