We may actually get a David Fincher zombie movie

We may actually get a David Fincher zombie movie. I repeat: a David Fincher zombie movie.

The Gone Girl director is reportedly “in talks” with Paramount and star/producer Brad Pitt to helm the sequel to World War Z, the hit 2013 horror/action film based on Max Brooks' bestselling novel. According to Variety, Pitt “zeroed in on” Fincher, who directed him in Se7en, Fight Club and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, after previously meeting with several other filmmakers on the project. This would be the first “genre” film for Fincher 

The first World War Z, directed by Marc Forster, was a surprise success at the box office (and with critics) after a difficult production that saw the film undergoing extensive reshoots. J.A. Bayona was originally slated to helm the sequel before departing to direct the next Jurassic Park. If all goes well, the followup is expected to begin filming early next year.

Though Fincher has branched out considerably since first starting out, his feature directorial debut was the 1992 threequel Alien 3, which he later disavowed due to studio interference. If he directs World War Z 2, it would be the first time he's directed a sequel since that film, and the first time he's directed a horror movie since 1995's Se7en.