Worst and one little Best of ‘Let’s Be Cops’

We first received an extended sneak peek at the comedy “Let's Be Cops!” during CinemaCon, a convention for the nation's theater owners, at the end of the March. In that context, “Cops” looked funny. In fact, it looked like it could be a major summer hit and turn both Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans, Jr. into legitimate movie stars. 


This is now the portion of our article where we give incredible props to 20th Century Fox for pulling off a marketing miracle and pulling the wool over our eyes.  Instead of being a late summer smash, “Cops” is one of the bigger creative disappointments of the summer.  And it's not just critics who believe that.  Before its Wednesday debut “Cops” was polling for a $30-35 million debut over its first five days.  At this point, it will be lucky to hit $25 million over that same frame.  The word appears to be out.

Keeping that in mind, check out another installment of our summer best and worst series embedded at the bottom of this post.  And, yes, we found a “best” for “Cops,” but it's probably going to be something of a surprise.

Are you a big fan of “Cops” or were you just wondering when it would actually start getting funny? Share your thoughts in the comments section.