Worst movies through the first half of 2014

We've hit the halfway mark of 2014 and, somewhat surprisingly, there have been a ton of entertaining movies that have hit your local multiplex.  From “The Lego Movie” to “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” to “Neighbors” to “Divergent” to “Ride Along” and “22 Jump Street,” it's been a pretty solid year so far.  But, with the good must inevitably come the bad. 

The HitFix staff have compiled the worst movies we've seen in 2014 so far and we're guessing you probably paid to see at least one or two of them.  Of course, our editorial team has smartly avoided such reported duds as “Vampire Academy,” “Legend of Oz: Dorothy's Return” and “Tyler Perry's The Single Mom's Club” so not every expected “bad” movie is gonna be on the list.

Take a look at what we've deemed the worst movies of 2014 so far in the embedded gallery below.  One qualifier: we've only considered films through June 30, 2014.  So that mean's “Tammy” is safe…for now.

What are the best worst movies of 2014 for you? Share your thoughts in our comments section.