Would ‘The Walking Dead’ really have dared to kill [REDACTED] tonight?

It was a rough night for fans of “The Walking Dead.” If you haven”t seen the episode “Thank You,” flee now because this is about to get spoilery. And not just normal spoilers. Massive, potentially EARTH-SHATTERING spoiler.

Run away or forfeit all rights to ignorance.





Okay, here we go.

Is Glenn dead? Glenn is probably dead. After giving Nicholas more chances than any twitchy murderer deserves, it blows up in Glenn”s face. This is not a surprise. But what is a surprise? That it potentially ended Glenn's life. Even in death, Nicholas couldn”t stop screwing up and getting people killed.

Or did he? “The Walking Dead” has never shied away from a terrifying zombie death. In the very same episode, we lingered on a dude being eaten alive as Michonne, Heath, and Scott watched. We were up close and personal for deaths of Noah, Aiden, and more. So why cut away from Glenn”s death, leaving it ambiguous if the walkers were eating his or Nick”s intestines?

And the official word from “The Walking Dead” producer Scott Gimple on tonight”s “The Talking Dead” doesn”t help clarify matters any.

Dear fans of “The Walking Dead,” this is a hard story to tell, and when we were planning to tell it, we knew our friends over at Talking Dead would be talking to you about it. And knowing you”d talking and feeling and commiserating, I knew we should say something about it, lest our silence say something we didn”t mean to say or not say. So I will say this: In some way we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn, or parts of Glenn again…either in flashback or current story, to help complete the story.

What exactly does “parts of Glenn” mean? That sounds…ominous.

So what do you guys think, because we”ve got a few options:

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OPTION #1: Glenn is dead and will be next seen as a walker. Probably by Maggie since the show loves to hurt her. Yes this would align with the fate of his comic book counterpart but there are other characters that have taken a hard left from their original storylines.

OPTION #2: Glenn is alive and somehow managed to use Nicholas”s body as a shield and shimmy under that trash can and wait it out. Perhaps he we”ll lose part of his clothing or gear in the process and the others will think he is dead until the opportune moment.

OPTION #3: Glenn is bit but manages to get back to town for a swan song episode.

My personal theory? I always subscribe to the George R.R. Martin school of major character death. If it doesn”t happen on screen, it doesn”t mean a thing.