Wu-Tang Clan’s good faith offering: New song ‘Ruckus in B Minor’

Wu-Tang Clan have a release date for their oft-delayed new album “A Better Tomorrow,” and they're sticking with it: mark Dec. 2 on your calendar.

Perhaps as a sign of good faith, the crew has dropped another actual new song, “Ruckus in B Minor,” from the set.

Pre-order has also gone up, and fans can get three tracks straightaway if they so choose to do so: “Ruckus” plus two other previously released tunes, “Keep Watch” and “Ron O'Neal.”

What may also surprise Wu-Tang supporters — aside from the shock that the group is releasing their first effort in seven years — is that the voice of the late Ol' Dirty Bastard (aka ODB) will be, in some manner, present on the set.

Here is the tracklist for Wu-Tang Clan's “A Better Tomorrow”:

1. Ruckus In B Minor
2. Felt
3. 40th Street Black / We Will fight
4. Mistaken Identity
5. Hold the Heater
6. Crushed Eggs
7. Keep Watch
8. Miracle
9. Preacher's Daughter
10. Pioneer the Frontier
11. Necklace
12. Ron O'Neal
13. A Better Tomorrow
14. Never Let Go
15. Wu-Tang Reunion