‘X-Men’ fans flip out over Apocalypse’s look, learned nothing from Quicksilver debacle

Yesterday, fans of the X-Men got their first good look at what Apocalypse will look like in the upcoming – aptly titled – “X-Men Apocalypse.” In case you missed it, he looks like this:

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

I”ll be the first to admit Apocalypse looks like Ra from “StarGate” and a Power Rangers villain had a baby and then that baby grew up and had a kid of its own with Ronan the Accuser. But I”m also saying that”s not a bad thing.

A good portion of the Internet disagrees. People are not happy. At all.




And that's just scratching the surface. Twitter is aflame with fans wringing their hands over this 'objectively' terrible choice…which just further proves social media has a serious long-term memory problem.