‘Y the Last Man’ film scrapped as rights revert back to comic series creators

“Y the Last Man” has breathed his last breath…for now. 

Hollywood has been trying to adapt the Vertigo Comics series by Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra for several years either as a feature film or a cable series, and the latest big screen effort has been confirmed dead by potential director Dan Trachtenberg.

When asked about the status of the project via Twitter, Trachtenberg responded, “Not happening. But it”s in trusted hands (the creators).”

The acclaimed series depicts a dystopian society in which every male on Earth suddenly dies…except for one young man named Yorick.

It's unknown if the prolific Vaughn — who has dabbled in film and television and is currently writing the beloved fantasy comic series “Saga” — will pursue other potential adaptation deals for “Y.” 

For further reading, Trachtenberg gave a detailed interview to Slash Film, where he runs down the scrapped film's plans, discusses the project's influences and talked up Vaughn's body of work.