Yes, it’s Conan O’Brien and Glenn from ‘The Walking Dead’ starring in a K-Pop video

Haven't you always wanted to know what Conan O'Brien and The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun would look like in a K-pop video? I mean, I have, so even though this video dropped over the weekend (it was part of O'Brien's Korea special, which also features a segment that was technically filmed in North Korea, and may well be the first late night talk show ever filmed in that country), I'm sharing it now.

We've all seen O'Brien's string dance, but now it's part of a choreographed dance sequence in a music video for J.Y. Park's “Fire.” O'Brien and Yeun participate once they're given K-pop makeovers. O'Brien looks like he's having an absolute blast.

K-pop fans: Wonder Girls and TWICE also appear in the video. One of the Wonder Girls throws O'Brien out of an airplane, as you do.

Song's pretty catchy, too.