You can now live on Darth Vader Street

He”s been immortalized on screen and in our hearts for decades, but Darth Vader will now join the ranks of the great leaders of the world with streets and roadways named after them.

That”s right, the good people of Iceland have decided that it”s time to answer the question: What”s it like to grow up on Darth Vader Street? 

In their infinite wisdom, the residents of Reykjavik have decided to rename a street in the city”s Hofoi industrial district Svarthofo, which means “black-head” in Icelandic – the name they use to refer the world”s favorite OG Sith Lord. Given this move, I think we can safely say that Vader is indeed the world”s most-beloved Sith.

The announcement was made via a Tweet from the capital city”s mayor, Dagur Eggertsson, following a call for street name suggestions on the Better Reykjavik website.

When you live in a place that is shrouded in darkness for much of the winter months, it”s important that you maintain a sense of humor. 

Next you'll be able to rock down on Electro Avenue. For now, may the force be with the people of Darth Vader Street. 

Speaking of Vader! We ask the question “Why does Finn have THAT lightsaber?” in the video below. Check it out!: