Zach Braff plans to reunite with ‘Scrubs’ creator for a new sitcom

Zach Braff plans to reunite with “Scrubs” creator for a new sitcom
“I”ve been talking about a new idea with Bill Lawrence who created ‘Scrubs,”” Braff tells UK”s Independent. “I don”t know if it will be this year or next. I like the idea of cable because I don”t want to do 22 episodes, but I like the idea of this new wave that you can do 12 episodes or eight episodes maybe for cable or Netflix or wherever. There are so many more options now. It's an exciting time.”

“Red Band Society” disappoints, “The Mysteries of Laura” gets a big “America”s Got Talent” boost
The Fox teen hospital drama debuted to four million, while 10.4 million checked out Debra Messing in “Laura.”

Laverne Cox to host and produce “The T Word” documentary for MTV
The “Orange is the New Black” star will focus on seven transgender youths in “Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word.”

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“Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams will play a victim of cyber-bullying on UK TV
She”s set to star in the one-hour Channel 4 special “Cyber Bully.”

“Sons of Anarchy” casts “Jericho”s” Alicia Coppola
She”ll play the principal at the preschool where Jax”s son Abel is a student.

“Grey”s Anatomy” cast pay homage to “Orange is the New Black”
Blue is the new Black!

Stephen Colbert went undercover at Comic-Con as “Hawkcat”
“Prince Hawkcat is a character everyone can relate to – half hawk, half cat, whole prince,” said Colbert.

A publicist admits creating a phony Joan Rivers “last recording” tape to promote a client”s off-Broadway show
Says publicist Beck Lee: “I hired an impersonator and made the tape last week. I did claim it was made by Joan Rivers and it was her voice. I wish I hadn”t.”

Craig Ferguson reveals the worst-ever “Late Late Show” guest
He tells Andy Cohen that the biggest problem he had with a guest was with Macy Gray.

Sherri Shepherd: I have no beef with Rosie O”Donnell
Responding to Rosie recently bringing up her earth is flat comments, Shepherd says:  “I don't think people realize, I love this girl. She helped me with my negotiations when I first got on 'The View.””

“The Voice”s” Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have a lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon
Watch their lip sync-off to songs like “Burn” and “Endless Love.”