Zachary Levi’s begging WB to keep ‘Chuck’ on Netflix

Soon Chuck fans will no longer be able to turn to Netflix for a re-watch of the series that turned Zachary Levi into a computer in tennis shoes sent on spy missions. The NBC show is among the titles scheduled to leave Netflix at the beginning of November.

Of course, the passionate Chuck fans will not stand for this, and neither will Levi. He”s joined the fans using the hashtag #SaveChuckAgain on Twitter:

Think of the children!

“Save Chuck” was the rallying cry hollered and posted back when Chuck was on the bubble in 2009 as its first season was wrapping up. (Even HitFix”s own Alan Sepinwall, then at The Star-Ledger, wrote an open letter to NBC execs asking them to save the show.) It went on to last five seasons. So while it doesn”t seem likely that Chuck producer Warner Bros. and Netflix will work something out within the next few weeks, if any group of fans can make this happen, it”s probably the Chuck crowd.