Watch Zachary Quinto Get His Freak On

The idea of Zachary Quinto channelling Missy Elliott for a lip-syncing rendition of “Get Ur Freak On” is something that would have never, ever crossed my mind and yet it's actually going to happen. The actor takes on his Star Trek co-star Zoë Saldana in an upcoming one-hour super-sized episode of Lip Sync Battle with an inspired performance of Elliott's hot song (and video) “Get Ur Freak On.” 

The episode, which premieres Thursday at 8 before the 2016 Guys' Choice Awards on Spike, features Quinto really going all in on the performance as LL Cool J, Saldana, and TLC (who I assume join Saldana for her bit) watch and enjoy from the sidelines. As a bonus? Chrissy Teigen also gets in on the fun with her own Missy-inspired costume. If you can't wait until Thursday, catch a sneak peek below.