Zooey Deschanel is Being Sued for Overworking a Horse

For a minute I thought the Golden Globe nominations were going to be the most important entertainment news of the day. How wrong was I? How naive? 

Here's your journalism: Zooey Deschanel is being sued for overworking a horse named Literati. Because what else would Zooey Deschanel's horse be named? Literati is the only answer.

Turns out Deschanel signed a contract not to fatigue the horse or take “more than three jumping lessons per week” with it. Apparently when the horse was returned to owner Patty Parker, it was “injured and unusable.” Now Literati's veterinary bills are extreme and Deschanel is being asked to foot the bill. Sad.

Well, sad until you start thinking of the quirky stuff Deschanel probably asked the horse to do. Wear glasses? Crochet a headband? Have opinions about “Jules et Jim”? I'm already exhausted. But we all know why this story really matters: It gives us a reason to re-post the most adorable YouTube video of all time. Enjoy and HAPPY QUIRKY NEW YEAR'S.