Zooey Deschanel’s She & Him jam with ghosts in new ‘Stay Awhile’ video

She & Him — singer Zooey Deschanel and guitarist M. Ward — are turning their already-retro sound to ghosts from the past with their latest release, “Classics,” in which they tackle tunes by Frank Sinatra, Carole King and more.

But the new video for their latest single, a cover of Dusty Springfield's “Stay Awhile,” finds them cavorting with what appear to be literal ghosts — with the help of some green screen effects. 

It begins with Ward picking up an invisible guitar and deftly pickin' up a storm in a performance worthy of the Air Guitar World Championship. Soon, Deschanel is dancing around an immaculate California home, while being dipped, twirled and carried by an unseen partner, perhaps a long gone lover. Before long, she completely abandons reality and ends up dancing in the clouds, with the other angels.

Watch the video here:

“Classics” arrives December 2.