Watch This Pro Eater Down The Biggest Bowl Of Cinnamon Toast Crunch You’ve Ever Seen

Professional eaters are an interesting bunch. They are in total command of their body and mind, able to unlock their jaw and unleash the beast of their hunger whenever they decide it’s time to do so. Most people claim they could be a professional eater, but the fact is, they couldn’t. These competitive eaters train, and the best of them are truly special. They are gifted with a hunger that most can’t understand or recreate. I admire them. I want to eat a mountain of cereal for a living.

Matt Stonie, a top-ranked Major League Eater who is the current Nathan’s Hot Dog champion (he gulped down 62 hot dogs in the 2015 championships), has several world records under his belt. He’s eaten 25 Big Macs in a single sitting. He’s a 120-pound eating machine, and in his latest video, he takes down two Giant-Sized boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and a gallon of milk in just over 17 minutes.

The impressive feat didn’t look easy. Stonie (AKA Megatoad) seemingly couldn’t make a dent in the first few minutes. Eventually, all men must die, and all cereal must be eaten. Like the champion that he is, Stonie diligently munches on the cereal until it’s gone. Then, he downs the final pile of sugar sludge in a few gulps, and it’s over. 7,700 calories down, like they were nothing.

Stonie is grimacing, coughing and struggling to get out the farewell to his video. He has defeated Cinnamon Toast Crunch, he has done in one sitting what multiple families fail to do over multiple weeks.

(via WTHR)