These Two Shark Encounters Will Make You Be On ‘Team Dry Land’ Forever

These two home videos of shark encounters are straight out of Jaws, except real. Uploaded by a spear fisher named Sam Tapp last Sunday, this first video has endless shots of people scuba diving in blue, pristine water. There are also shots of schools of silver fish and the filmmaker diving above and under water. Then, two minutes and twenty seconds into the video, the filmmaker encounters a great white shark. Everybody makes a beeline for the boat after that.

This is why Tapp posted the video, as quoted in his YouTube description:

This video is for everyone involved in the spear fishing community or those wishing to get started and involved in the sport that so many already enjoy. I hope to highlight the importance of working together while diving, especially when larger fish are being targeted and individuals may start to focus on only what is in front of them rather than keeping an eye out for your mates.

But wait, there’s more! Sam Tapp has uploaded another, shorter video of his encounter with a grey nurse shark, who suddenly appears and heads straight towards him. “That one was a bit cranky,” he says, when he has his head above water again. He writes a good humored description: “I do not know how I didn’t see this nurse shark coming in for a look at me but it certainly gave me a good bump and a bit of a shock haha.”

Ha, yeah, good one sharks.