A Swole Ronda Rousey Resurfaces In This New Video For UFC 207

Contributing Writer

Much hay has been made over Ronda Rousey’s refusal to engage with the public leading up to her first fight in over a year. But now that we’re down to the final days before she faces Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 on Friday, the reclusive superstar is starting to pop up in various promotional material from the UFC. First there was a video from the UFC’s social media team featuring Rousey signing posters for the event, declaring ‘The return of Ronda Rousey has begun!’

And now, after being absent from the first episode of the UFC Embedded fight week video blog, Ronda shows up in three segments for episode two. The first one has her receiving a present from Marvel Comics: a custom made piece of comic book art featuring Ronda in a shirt that reads ‘No DNB’, a reference to her old ‘Do Nothing B*tch’ catchphrase. The scene then cuts to a ridiculously ripped looking Ronda Rousey taking new profile pictures for the UFC media department, clad in a unique blue Reebok fight uniform.

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