Conor McGregor Makes History At UFC 205 By Knocking Out Eddie Alvarez

As usual, Mystic Mac had it right: he was too fast, and Eddie Alvarez was unable to take the heat being thrown his way at UFC 205. Conor McGregor seemed to have no issue at all hitting Alvarez and hitting him with precision, clipping him on the jaw repeatedly and sending Alvarez crumbling to the mat.

Three times in the first round Eddie fell, and three times he managed to get up. But in the end he couldn’t catch McGregor with his own plodding hooks, and McGregor finished him off in the second, bouncing him back and forth on a left right combo that left Alvarez dazed on the mat.

This marks the first time in UFC history that one man has held two belts at the same time. It’s a feat McGregor has promised he’d accomplish since he arrived in the organization in 2013. No one took him seriously then, and they continued to doubt him even after he took the belt off Jose Aldo with a single punch last year.

But if there’s one thing McGregor loves to do, it’s prove his detractors wrong. McGregor didn’t just win the lightweight belt. He made it look easy. At one point the brash Irishman put his hands behind his back, taunting Alvarez to hit him.

The only question now: what’s next for McGregor now that he’s made history?

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