Check Out Conor McGregor And Jose Aldo Exchanging Headbutts In Their Craziest Faceoff Yet

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09.11.15 12 Comments

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It seems like every other day, the UFC has a press conference promoting one event or another, and for the last couple of them, Conor McGregor has been tearing things up. He talked some massive smack earlier this week, throwing disses at everyone from Chad Mendes (who he just beat) to Luke Rockhold (who fights three weight classes above him). But he’s not the only UFC fighter who can cause a ruckus.

UFC Featherweight Champ Jose Aldo came to today’s UFC presser with something to prove. Conor McGregor clowned him repeatedly over the summer, stealing his belt and grabbing his shoulder and generally messing with his head. This time, Aldo went on the offensive and practically headbutted McGregor during a faceoff to promote their title fight in December.

It’s not pretty, but it’s exactly the kind of psy-ops McGregor has been working on Aldo since the two were slated to fight each other. And with three more months of buildup for this fight, there’s a good chance this won’t be the last ugly incident between the two. What do you think? Is this just more hype for the biggest featherweight fight in UFC history? Or are these two taking it too far and dragging the sport through the mud?

I’m pretty sure I know what the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s thoughts are. These guys better watch out before fines and sanctions start getting handed out.

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