Twitter Reacts To Nate Diaz Pulling Off His Huge Win Over Conor McGregor

Entertainment Editor
03.06.16 15 Comments

You can’t take anything away from Conor McGregor – he moved up to a 170 pounds due to his supreme confidence, and looked good in the first against Nate Diaz. Conor has one hell of a left hand, but there’s a reason why there are weight classes in MMA. Conor simply has never fought the type of fighters Nate Diaz has. Imagine Conor in the Octagon against Rory MacDonald – it’s just not fair. Conor’s confidence was his undoing.

That’s not taking anything away from him. Conor is one hell of a fighter, but Nate Diaz was better on this night. And so, because this was a huge upset with Nate Diaz answering the call on only ten days of notice.

Ireland is just one big, crying Jordan right now.

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