Cris Cyborg Plans To Drag Out A Fight With Ronda Rousey To ‘Punish’ Her

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12.18.16 5 Comments

Ronda Rousey definitely has a plan for the rest of her MMA career, but she doesn’t seem ready to share it with us just yet. All we know is that UFC 207 is “Definitely one of my last fights,” which makes us wonder just how long and who exactly Ronda wants to face off against before leaving for Hollywood.

Two names stick out in our minds: Holly Holm, who defeated Rousey last November via vicious head kick knockout. The other obvious fighter is Cris Cyborg, who has been involved in a brutal war of words with Ronda we imagine will only be eclipsed by the knock down drag out war the two would go through inside the cage. On account of that war of words, Cris Cyborg can’t wait. During a segment on ESPN’s Outside The Lines, the reporter asks her how she feels about Ronda calling her a man, an it, and saying Cyborg had male genitalia.

“It’s not about people. It’s about I want to punch her inside the cage,” Cyborg said. “Ronda did a lot of bad things to me for years, like six or seven years. I think everything she says about me, it’s not true. She don’t know me. She never talked to me. We never met each other. It made me cry because, you know, it’s hard. Because everything she says go into my Twitter, it goes everywhere. I can handle this, but my dad cannot handle this. … I don’t have anything personal with my opponents, but if it her, it would be different. It would be semi-violent. It would be the same thing, you know, but maybe I no finish the fight soon.”

“You would drag the fight out to punish her?” the reporter asked.

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