The Internet Roasted Ronda Rousey’s Latest Loss At UFC 207

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After a hiatus of just over a year, Ronda Rousey made her return to the Octagon at UFC 207 and it did not end well for the former champion. She was battered and quickly defeated by Amanda Nunes just 48 seconds in the first round, and Ronda never even seemed to land anything of consequence.

Where Ronda heads from here is anybody’s guess. There are rumors of an appearance at Wrestlemania 33 and she’s made plenty of headway in Hollywood. Ronda didn’t seem to ever be in the fight, and her days in the octagon may be over after back-to-back devastating losses. She refused to do any media for the fight during the event’s buildup, and after the fight Rousey left the octagon without giving a post-fight interview. Nunes did, however, and did not hold her tongue, telling the crowd in Las Vegas “I knew I was going to beat the sh*t out of Ronda Rousey.”

Ronda spent years at the top of the mountain, becoming the UFC’s biggest commercial star and when anybody enjoys that much success the masses will gradually turn and wish for their downfall. So naturally, the internet is enjoying the hell out of Ronda’s latest defeat, especially in the brutal fashion that she went down. Folks broke out their best memes, gifs, jokes and everything in-between to pile on Rousey, including her opponent Amanda Nunes.