Jon Jones And Daniel Cormier Are Amazing Twitter Friends, But They’re Not UFC Fighters

07.05.16 3 years ago

UFC 200 is nearly here, and the main event looks to be an exciting fight. UFC light heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier faces interim and former champion, Jon “Bones” Jones, a man who never lost his belt in the cage, in a rematch. These two met back in 2015, with Jones taking a unanimous decision. The bad blood these two had for each other wasn’t settled that night, it was only amplified. Since then, with Jon’s various legal issues that resulted in him being stripped of his title, Cormier has taken shots on social media about the poor state of affairs that is Jones’ life. Meanwhile, Jon is all too happy to point out that Cormier isn’t a real champion.

Sometimes, though, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier aren’t engaging in petty sniping at one another online. In fact, sometimes, Jones and Cormier are downright cordial with one another. That’s because, inexplicable as it might seem, there are two pairs of Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. One pair are the two best 205 pound mixed martial artists on the planet. The other pair are two innocent tech guys, one a game developer, the other a coder for an anti-malware company, who frequently get roped into the first pair when angry people are too quick to tweet without checking the proper name.

We figured enough has been written about the first pair, and while the game developer, also known in some circles as Good Guy Jon Jones, has had some attention devoted to his struggles in sharing the same name with the most controversial man in MMA, Daniel Cormier, and the pair’s charming friendship, hasn’t been touched on.

The fighting version of these two men met under awkward circumstances, when Jon Jones proclaimed he could take down Cormier, an Olympic wrestler. There was awkwardness for Good Guy Jon Jones and The Real Daniel Cormier, but it was from a third party. “By my memory, it was a tweet from July 2014 where the Swedish affiliate for the Woodlawn Post, ‘The BEST in Urban News and Entertainment!’ announced in a tweet that @danielcormier was replacing an injured Alexander Gustafsson in a fight,” Jones said. “Impressively, whoever did social media there got all three names wrong. The internet isn’t a magical routing system, as though tweeting @MeanKidFromSecondGrade would actually find its way to the kid that shoved me around and stole my Lunchables. What a world that would be.”

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