Jon Jones’ Latest Legal Troubles Won’t Keep Him Out Of UFC 197’s Main Event

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Typically when sports stars are arrested for something minor like a probation violation regarding traffic citations, they’re in and out of jail faster than you can say Lindsay Lohan. And while Jon Jones is set to be released on Thursday, he’ll have spent the last two days and nights at the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center.

Jones turned himself in on Tuesday morning after getting five traffic tickets related to drag racing. Footage of the UFC fighter calling the police officer who pulled him over a “pig” and “f*cking liar” played a part in a district attorney deciding the incident violated his probation.

The DA’s report cited “very abusive language towards the citing officer, and expressed a significant amount of anger and resentment regarding his citations,” along with three more traffic tickets from January that Jones failed to properly notify his parole officer about.

Recommendations that Jones complete a driver education course and anger management counseling were approved by the court, along with 60 more hours of community service (Jones was already working through 72 hours over his initial hit-and-run incident). Fortunately for him, he avoided being given a curfew which would have interfered with his UFC 197 bout against Daniel Cormier at the end of April. As of now, Jones will still fight Cormier for the light heavyweight championship.

The judge warned Jones that it “won’t end well” for him if he ends up back in court. Perhaps it’s time for the former UFC light heavyweight champion to stop getting behind the wheel of a car, at least until his probation is up.

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