Must-See Knockouts That You May Have Missed This Month

It’s the current year. MMA is everywhere, and UFC’s Fight Pass alone has enough weekend fight cards to satiate any fan. But with great volume of fights, comes a great chance that you’ll miss some gnarly highlights, but we’ve got you covered. Below are some of the best knockouts you missed in the month of April. Enjoy.

This brutal hook looks like it’s out of a videogame.

Okay, so this isn’t a KO, but damn these guys were out to headhunt from the opening bell.

Matthew Lopez TKO’s Eli Finn with some brutal ground and pound and somehow completely re-shaped his nose. LOOK AT IT!

If you’re noticing a theme, RFA 37 was a crazy show. Check out this Camozzie head kick that touched the chin of Kenneth Glenn. That’s size difference for ya.

This is the real KO of the month right here. EA UFC 2 added the classic “Brendan Schaub KO grasp” to the game.

You can always depend on three things: death, taxes and TAIGA KNEE!

Here is the extremely rare triple headkick knockout. Seen normally in Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

Here’s Tyrone Spong, one of the most dangerous kickboxers and MMA fighters in the world, boxing against someone who shouldn’t be fighting him. The result, is expected.

And possibly the most important highlight you may have missed from April — Hong Man Choi versus a pudgy dude at Road FC. Incredible.

Special thanks to Caposa on Twitter and everyone else out there whose documenting the vast and violent ocean of MMA in 2016.