Nate Diaz Was Taking Shots Of Tequila When He Got The Call To Fight Conor McGregor

“I wasn’t trainjng for a triathalon before this fight I was on a yacht in cabo gettin my chillax on wit my dude @gilbertmelendez before I got the call but #alwaysreadyforwar in season or not ? ?? #100 #patron #ninjashit”

Nate Diaz is always in fighting shape. In fact, to remind the world that he’d be ready for Conor McGregor come UFC 196, UFC announcers told people he was prepping for a triathlon. It made sense, and fans accepted this as truth because the Diaz brothers are constantly training for something – they do marathons and triathlons for fun, and simply to pass the time. The truth, though, is that Nate Diaz wasn’t training for any race at all. Dude was on a yacht in Cabo doing shots of Patrón tequila, which is fairly priced for the relatively decent quality. Good choice in tequila, Nate.

This flies directly in the face of the whiskey-drinking Irishman Conor McGregor, who had a full, championship-level camp for Rafael Dos Anjos, a man who beat up Nate Diaz quite convincingly at the end of 2014. This also officially supplants “10 Day Notice Nate” as new legend – “Cabo Nate” could be the most powerful fighter in the history of MMA. Right up there with Sea Level Cain and Motivated Penn. Maybe even Broke Fitch.

This revelation also makes UFC 196 the gift that keeps on giving. After all the trash talk, after all of the zingers, the ultimate baller move was not by Conor McGregor (who could supposedly “buy Nate ten times over). It was Nate Diaz who was sippin’ on tequila in Cabo when he got the call to fight the UFC’s biggest star on short notice, and defeated the featherweight champ soundly.