Nate Diaz Hit Michael Johnson With Multiple Stockton Slaps At UFC On Fox

Nate Diaz came into his UFC on FOX fight this past weekend a +300 underdog to the favorite Michael Johnson. That’s not blowout level odds, but it’s certainly a sign that most bettors don’t expect him to win. But Diaz did win, and in dominating fashion. He dismantled Johnson and beat him from post to post with some of that patented Diaz high volume striking.

When things are working for the Diaz brothers, it’s like they get into the Gangsta Matrix where anything is possible. Nick Diaz blew everyone’s mind when he laid down on the canvas to taunt Anderson Silva in their fight, and Nate has been known to throw double FU fingers up when he catches an opponent in a submission or just to show he cares.

Saturday night was no different. Once Nate took control of the fight, he started spewing an endless stream of trash at his opponent and even managed to casually slap Johnson in the face and upside the head. That’s called a Stockton slap for those who didn’t know, direct from the 209 with hate from Nate.

Call it disrespectful and an affront to traditional martial arts values. Call it whatever you’d like. It’s a Diaz brothers tradition to slap their opponents when they can, and they aren’t going to stop doing it any time soon. The big question right now? Is Nate Diaz going to get a chance to slap Conor McGregor?