The Corner Reactions Following Conor McGregor’s Devastating KO Of Jose Aldo Are Better Than The Fight

It only took 13 seconds for Conor McGregor to deliver the devastating left hand counter that crowned him the new and undisputed UFC Featherweight Champion. It was stunning, if not a tad anti-climactic, and McGregor landed two additional hammer-fists as Jose Aldo lay unconscious on the canvas. But it was over the moment he landed that left hand and you didn’t need to look anywhere but the fighter’s corners to know this.

When a fight ends so suddenly and devastatingly, you’re bound to see both the agony of defeat and the pure joy of victory on the opposing sides. There was no more of an accurate display of that gamut of emotions than the corners of each fighter.

In the video above it’s right there in all its glory. McGregor’s corner erupts, obviously, and their elation is exactly what you’d expect from a team seeing all their hard work and fighter’s big talk pay off.

But Aldo’s corner? They completely deflated. The star of the clip is clearly Marlon Sandro, who reacts like he just saw his puppy get ran over:

Which was hilarious enough to earn his Wikipedia page a facelift.

But there are layers of hilarity here, like UFC Flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson, who reacts exactly how millions of viewers around the world did:

And then there’s Bruce Buffer, who looks like he glanced down for a quick second and missed everything, only to realize Aldo was asleep and he owed some bookie somewhere a sh*tload of cash.

Incredible and priceless, folks. You can’t say it wasn’t entertaining.

(Via Fox Sports)

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