Luke Rockhold Dominated Chris Weidman To Become The New UFC Middleweight Champion At UFC 194

Luke Rockhold UFC 194
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The first title has been lost at UFC 194, as Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman just couldn’t hang with the No. 1 contender and former Strikeforce champ Luke Rockhold. After a strong showing early in the first round, Weidman looked weak, sloppy, and sometimes even lost against Rockhold, and the fight probably should have been called near the end of the third round when Rockhold tenderized the champ’s face as referee Herb Dean looked on and the clock ticked down.

Instead, Weidman was gifted one more chance to retain his title, but he simply didn’t have anything left to stop his opponent.

Rockhold won with another barrage of fists in the fourth round, as Dean finally called the fight and gave Rockhold the TKO. While Weidman could get an immediate rematch, it’s very likely that tonight’s other big Middleweight winner, Yoel Romero, will get his shot at the belt next.

In the meantime, though, a very exhausted Rockhold is probably going to celebrate and ice his fists.

At least one former champ was into the action:

And one current champ definitely liked what she saw: