What’s Next For Tim Kennedy Now That Rashad Evans Has Been Pulled Off UFC 205?

Last night news broke that this weekend’s UFC debut in Madison Square Garden was taking a hit: a fight between Tim Kennedy vs Rashad Evans was off due to the New York commission’s issues with Rashad’s medical paperwork. Or to be more specific, a medical issue they had with something on his paperwork.

“I’m healthy. I don’t want anyone worrying about me,” Evans said in a statement about the removal. “I’m fine, physically speaking. Never felt better. It’s just the commission and their rules. I guess they have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this.”

Fans and sports pundits are wondering if the knockout Rashad received from Glover Teixeira back in April of this year resulted in a concussion. Evans would only say an MRI in October had ‘irregular findings’ that resulted in further testing, which he then passed. With health privacy laws being what they are, we won’t know more unless Rashad decides to open up more. But the end result is no fight for Tim Kennedy, who hasn’t had a fight since a controversial loss to Yoel Romero back in September of 2014.

Kennedy didn’t waste any time trying to sort himself out another opponent on social media.

But the UFC soon announced that Kennedy would not fight at UFC 205. One positive point: both Tim and Rashad will receive their show payments. And the often salty Kennedy seems happy with how the promotion has been handling the situation:

In a video for Fox Sports, Kennedy implied he was the backup should any other middleweight drop out of a fight at UFC 205 or beyond. He said “I’m ready to fight. I’m trained. … I’ve been out for two years but I’m back. I’m here in New York looking and I’m ready to go.”

So while Tim may be off UFC 205, he may be on another card soon. Depending on how serious (or not) those issues with Rashad are, perhaps that fight may even go down in another city … say UFC 206 in Toronto, which is still looking pretty weak without Georges St Pierre on it.