The Plot Of Nicholas Sparks’ ‘The Choice’ Recreated With Quotes From Real Reviews

This week promised the release of a brand new Nicholas Sparks adaptation, The Choice, starring Teresa Palmer and Benjamin Walker. I always get excited about the prospect of a new Sparks release, not because I’m going to see it myself, but because they tend to make the best fodder for Plot Recreated with Reviews. Watching a Nicholas Sparks movie is straightforward and kind of dull, but reading film critics, most of whom sound like they’re stifling vomit the entire time, describe a Nicholas Sparks movie, is wonderful.

Incidentally, The Choice didn’t screen for critics here, or, I gather, in a lot of places, which is why this week’s Plot Recreated with Reviews includes quotes from sites you’ve probably never heard of.

Anyway, shall we?

Framing Device

A good-looking couple named Travis (Benjamin Walker) and Gabby (Teresa Palmer) meet cute in a picturesque North Carolina town… (Seattle Times)

…where modern, smartphone-owning characters in the 21st century measure time in “two-and-a-half shakes” and respond to accusations that a single lady is “crushin’ on you” with a fulsome “Hogwash!” (Variety)

It begins, as so many do, with lofty narration. “Now pay attention,” purrs good ol’ boy hero Travis in his Sexy Foghorn Leghorn accent, “because I’m going to tell you the secret to life.” Ready? “It’s all about decisions.” (Metro)

“You see, every path you take leads to another choice … Boy, do I got a choice I gotta make.” (RedEye)

He’s talking about the titular Choice, which won’t crop up until the last half hour. (Metro)

The story is told as a flashback and opens in the present with Travis charging down a hospital hall, flowers in hand, as his voiceover intones on and on. A moment later, he’s crouched at the bedside of a young woman on life support. Clutching her hand, voice weepy and tremulous, he cries out, “Come back to me, bother me.”

The next scene takes place “Seven Years Earlier.” (Film Journal)

Opposites Attract, Eventually

She’s a medical student… (KillerMovieReviews)

…naturally introduced wearing Secret Hot Girl Glasses… (Metro)

newly arrived in what she hopes is a quiet spot where she can study for the boards. (KillerMovieReviews)

He’s a good ol’ country boy… (RedEye)

…a rich, dashing lady’s man, the “catch” of Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach, N.C. And that’s not just because he has the nicest fishing boat. (RogersMovieNation)