Get Ready To Return To The Grid Because ‘Tron 3’ Will Begin Production This Fall

It’s been 5 years since Tron: Legacy hit theaters and today it was announced that Tron 3 is set to begin shooting this Fall. According to VanCity Buzz, Joseph Kosinksi and crew will be setting up shop in Vancouver this October.

At this time, only Garrett Hedlund has been confirmed to return to the cast. In the previous film, Hedlund starred as Sam Flynn, the son of the 1982 film’s original character Kevin Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges) who became stuck in the Grid’s digital world for two decades. The character Quorra, a skilled Grid warrior and confidante to Kevin, was portrayed by Olivia Wilde.

In 2010, Tron: Legacy earned $400 million off its $170 million budget. While there’s no further details yet on cast or story, it’s worth noting Tron 3 — aka Tron: Legacy 2 — has been in development at Disney for almost five years. Speculation aside, it would be cool to see Cillian Murphy take off his “Peaky Blinder” for a bit to return to the franchise as Edward Dillinger, Jr.

I wonder what Daft Punk has been up to lately.

(Source: VanCity Buzz)