This ‘Django Unchained’ Party Ad Is Probably The Worst Thing On Craigslist

By now, everyone knows that Craigslist is the internet’s own public trash dump. Any disgusting, vile, sexist, completely inappropriate thing that has ever been said in the history of mankind has probably appeared somewhere on the site (usually in the personals section). While creepy missed connections, mothers looking for women to seduce their sons and roommates requiring you to keep a checklist of your bowel movements are some of the more common posters, every once in a while the classified advertisement website gives us a true gem (and by gem I mean a complete douchebag of a human being).

Case in point, this alleged Craigslist user, who took to the site to post a job advertisement for her very own Antebellum party. The ad, which details the need for a domestic staff made up of only African-Americans to be the night’s servers, waiters and “mammy-types,” also calls for two “average looking black men” who wouldn’t mind posing as Mandingo fighters for the night. Apparently, the woman’s husband is a big Django Unchained fan and she wants to recreate the fighting scene in that film by hiring two men to go at it while all the white people in the room bet on them like they’re at a horse race. Yes, this is supposedly real.

Congratulations Craigslist, you’ve destroyed our faith in humanity once again.


(H/T to the Daily Dot)