Say It Ain’t So: Fox Is Making A Sitcom About Rivers Cuomo

I’m a white guy with glasses who kind of looks like Buddy Holly (if you squint really hard), so OBVIOUSLY, I have opinions on Weezer, most of which I shared during my ranking of the band’s albums from worst to best. The tl;dr version goes like: The Blue Album and Pinkerton are classics; Green Album and especially Maladroit are better than you remember; and the rest range from crap to super-crap. I still care more about the band than I care to admit, and I’m hopeful they can recapture the spark that led to “Undone (The Sweater Song),” because I’m an idiot. Point is, I already hate myself for looking forward to Fox’s sitcom based on the life and times of Rivers Cuomo.

The network has handed out a hefty put-pilot commitment to single-camera comedy DeTour, inspired by the life of the singer-songwriter, the Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Based on a pitch from Psych creator Steve Franks, DeTour is described as a coming-of-age story that’s slightly out of sequence. It tells the story of a 30-something rock star who, unable to rationalize his success and worried that he may not have the tools to repeat it, walks away from the spotlight at the height of his fame in an effort to rediscover the parts of his life he missed while he was busy becoming a massive success.

Weezer frontman Cuomo opted to go to college and live in the dorms. He tried out for the school choir and didn’t get in. He made friends and met his wife. DeTour would embellish his journey with a fictional character and the small band of misfit friends that make it possible for him to get through his formative years. Cuomo took the sabbatical eight years ago to return to college at Harvard.

UPROXX obtained a copy of the pilot script:

Misfit Friend #1: “Hey brah, how we doin’, man?”
Rivers: “All right.”

Riveting stuff. Hope they save the leg-breaking episode for sweeps.

Via the Hollywood Reporter