What It Looks Like When Psy Throws A Free Show In South Korea For 80,000 ‘Gangnam Style’ Fans

It looks like that. But as one helpful Redditor pointed out:

The municipal government closed off part of the city center and extended subway operations for the estimated 80,000 fans who packed the open venue outside Seoul City Hall and spilled out into the surrounding streets: 80,000 was a rough estimate by the police, but…statisticians argue that there were roughly 150,000 people there. (Via)

If that’s true, and to put that number context, only one stadium in the world would have been able to hold the amount of people who showed up: Rungrado May Day Stadium in, fittingly, North Korea.

Here’s what it sounds like:

That sweet hum sounds more pleasant to the ears than the high-pitched shriek of:

Psy > The Beatles > Jesus? Discuss.

(Via Reddit)