Aaron Paul Channeled Jesse Pinkman For His Response To The Toys R’ Us ‘Breaking Bad’ Action Figure Battle

10.24.14 3 years ago 20 Comments


We’re not going to be finished with this Toys R’ Us Breaking Bad hoopla until every cast member makes a comment about it. First we got Bryan Cranston’s sly reply to the situation and now it’s Aaron Paul’s turn. Instead of taking the calmer road, Paul goes on a bit of a sarcastic Twitter “rant” that makes a few good points:

Barbie does send a pretty horrid message to girls and boys everywhere, mainly that you have a shot at being like Barbie. You have a better chance of ending up like Jesse Pinkman. Speaking of, Paul came back a bit later and channeled the drug kingpin turned drug slave in one more Tweet:


Now I seriously want to know what Obama has to say about the situation. He’s commenting on everything else these days, so I would think he’d need to address this too. Maybe if he puts down the fiddle for a while, Rome will stop burning.



(Via Aaron Paul / The Hollywood Reporter)

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