An Arizona Bakery That Refused To Make An Anti-Gay Cake Was Harassed

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Cut the Cake Bakery in Longwood, Arizona has been the target of threats and harassment after a botched “freedom of speech” experiment. Inspired by Indiana’s religious freedom law and its opponents, Joshua Feuerstein wanted to turn the tables and see if people would get just as mad if a company would refuse to make a cake for a homophobe. So he filmed himself calling Cut the Cake and asking for a cake that said “We do not support gay marriage.” The bakery’s owners refused to make it.

After the video went viral, Cut the Cake received death threats and lost business. A GoFundMe account was set up for the bakery and has raised over $14,000 so far — more than making up for its losses. Feuerstein took down the video after learning about the harassment (which recorded bakery owners without consent). However, he now claims others are mischaracterizing him as a homophobe and a bigot — just for trying to prove a point with an anti-gay cake:

“We wanted to see if a pro-LGBT bakery would bake a cake for something that it was opposed to, what they believed in, and you know what, I actually believe that Cut the Cake has every right as an American to refuse to print that on a cake. But now, of course, the news story all across the nation is that I’m a bigot and a homophobe,” he said. (Via)

Right, because ordering a cake that says “We do not support gay marriage” screams “free speech experiment” more than anything else.

Source: WESH

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