Anonymous Revealed The Names Of The New Jersey Cops Involved In A Recent Fatal Arrest

04.08.15 4 years ago 12 Comments

Anonymous followed through on their threat to the Vineland, NJ Police Department and released the names of three officers involved in the fatal arrest of Phillip White.

The three officers, including one canine officer, are under investigation after White was allegedly beaten by officers and bitten by a police canine:

Police used a dog to restrain White, 32, of Vineland, after they said he tried to reach for one of the officers’ weapons on March 31.

White’s family and a rights activist, citing witnesses, allege that the officers punched and beat White before he was placed in an ambulance for respiratory distress. They also point to a bystander’s cellphone video which they say shows a police canine biting White as he lies on the ground.

Family members and activists had requested the names of the officers involved, but were denied until after Anonymous posted their video. Stuart Alterman, a representative for the three officers, commented on the release of the officer’s names, saying it was “unfortunate” and that Anonymous’ actions are “extortion”:

“To interrupt the flow and to threaten the release of information is tantamount to extortion of law enforcement authorities,” Alterman said.

A cell phone video of the arrest has been making the rounds online, and it was featured on NBC 10 News. The video has gained attention not only for the harsh treatment of White but also because one of the officers demanded that the person filming the arrest hand over their cell phone.


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