The New Austin GOP Chairman Is Somehow More Off The Hook Than Donald Trump

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03.02.16 2 Comments

If you’ve never heard of Robert Morrow, then you may want to sit down for this story. Morrow’s the co-author of a slam book — along with former Donald Trump lackey Roger Stone, who Trump has blocked from his campaign — called The Clintons’ War on Women, which bashes Hillary Clinton in several unsavory ways. Morrow has written sexual and derogatory social media postings about Chelsea Clinton, and in the above 2011 interview with InfoWars’ Alex Jones, Morrow talked about how he and Rick Perry dig the same women. That is to say, Morrow enjoys strippers, and he alleged that one of his favorites visited Perry to “give him a Monica Lewinsky.”

Morrow embraces his reputation to the point of tweeting busty-lady photos and filling his whole Twitter account with unfortunate opinions. The dude wavers between making foam-party jokes about Marco Rubio and saying he wants to lick peanut butter off Hillary. Somehow (and while the country was handing Donald Trump seven states), Morrow beat out an incumbent to get himself elected as Austin GOP Chairman.

His fellow Republicans are not happy. Travis County GOP Vice Chair Matt Mackowiak has vowed to pursue all avenues of removing Morrow:

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