A School Bus And Commuter Bus Collide In Baltimore With Multiple Casualties Reported

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Early Tuesday morning, southwest Baltimore became the scene of a devastating collision when a school bus crashed into a commuter vehicle before rush hour. According to CNN, investigators on the scene report no children were on board the school bus at the time of the accident, though at least six people were killed in the accident.

Footage captured by CNN and NBC affiliate WBAL revealed a horrific scene at the accident site. The front half of the school bus accordioned in on itself, killing the driver. NBC News reports that an aide who was also on board survived, through the driver of the commuter vehicle and four passengers were killed when the school bus collided with it. The other eight passengers survived.

So far, investigators believe the school bus slammed into the MTA bus after first hitting a Mustang, then a pillar, before careening into oncoming traffic.

Chief T.J. Smith, a spokesperson for the Baltimore Police Department, described the scene as “horrific.” Noting it was one of the worst car accidents he’d ever seen in his entire career, Smith added: “It literally looks like a bomb exploded in the bus, and it’s catastrophic damage.”

The eight surviving commuter passengers, the school aide, and the Mustang driver were taken to area hospitals “with injuries ranging from minor to critical.”

This is a developing story. We’ll post more information here if and when it becomes available.

(Via CNN and NBC News/WBAL)

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