What We Can Learn From Ben Carson’s Dazzling Home Monument To Ben Carson (And Jesus)

11.07.15 3 years ago 11 Comments
Ben Carson Makes Announcement About Seeking Republican Presidential Nomination

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Erstwhile neurosurgeon and current GOP candidate Ben Carson invited The Guardian into his home for a “get to know you”-style meeting. We already know plenty about Carson. That is, we know he’s newly fond of controversial statements while justifying his love of guns. He also tends to draw unsavory Holocaust parallels that demonstrate his need for a filter.

We also know that Carson has been accused of bending the truth while illustrating his history with guns, his experience with childhood violence and his West Point scholarship. Still, Carson remains one of the leading GOP candidates, and possibly the only one who could beat Donald Trump to the GOP nomination.

This is where The Guardian‘s Ben Carson feature fills in more blanks. Seth Rogen suspects that Carson may be “totally f*ckin’ bonkers,” and this new information will not change Rogen’s opinion. As it turns out, Carson’s entire home is filled with Ben Carson memorabilia. A brief sampling:

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